stumpypooh (edhelmsdeep) wrote in zach_stillness,


The deadline to submit icons is now 9pm not 11:59 Sunday the 28th. That way I can get the voting up the same night. Please get your icons in by that time. So far, we have one person submit. Thanks.

Icon limit: 4 (2 for base and 2 for the picture)
Deadline: 9pm
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Hehehe soon you will be exactly like Deppcon! bwahaha

Who's the one person? Are her icons, like, AWESOME? Are they? Hehehe.

Do you mean we have HAD one person submit?

Ooo I think you need to add more interests so that it shows up for more searches. Add: icon making, contest, contests, challenge, challenges, icon contest, icon contests, zach, braff, jd, adobe photoshop, photoshop, paint shop pro, awards, etc.

And you should have a zach_stillness icon so that people don't skim past the post thinking it's some hockey rant ;)

I'm having lots of fun spamming you knowing that you can't reply :P
Hey, isn't this supposed to be screened?

It's 9:40 and I still haven't had a single phonecall. Not even a page. Wtf.

And I didn't get any extra hours for December *shakes fist* I need money, people!
No...decided not to screen this post.

9:40 and I had only been sleeping for 4 hours.

No extra hours for December? That sucks. I hope she remembers I booked the 10th and 17th off. And that starting on the 18th, I can work extra hours and I hope I get them!

Pfft fine.

Hehe I'm so not feeling good at alllll. I went to bed at 9 and didn't get up until 10:15 because I had to go to work. Bleeeaaah. Anyway, I don't know what's up. Maybe it's just really bad pms, which would be weird because it's usuallly two weeks before instead of a day before... who knows. Maybe this is a little tmi for a community comments section ;)

None! Stupid job. Hahahaha how many times have you said you'd quit Shoppers?
Hahaha, I don't think many other people read this so I think you're a-ok.

Many times. But whatever. The schedule is good for me so far.
Haha, well I thought about it and it made more sense. I went to a bunch of other icon comms and they're all like 8 or 9pm, so it made sense.

No, saying "we have one person submit" is fine too.

Fine, I'll add more interests.

Fine. I'll change the picture too.

Ha! I can SO reply. I didn't screen this! Hahahahahahaa.

It does not make sense, woman! You could say we have one person who's submitted, or we have had one person submit, but you can't have we have one person submit.


Fine. :P