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Zach Stillness

Where fangirls spread their love...

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Hi, my name is edhelmsdeep, I run zach_stillness. A Zach non-animated icon contest community. This community was started amidst the stillness wave created by quebelly. This contest will run similarly to the others. Bases will be posted on Wednesdays, they will be due on Sunday at 9pm, voting will be ready later that night. Polls close on Wednesday at 9 and new bases will be up.

The Rules

1. For obvious reasons, your submissions cannot be animated!
2. Two entries per base per person per week. You can have a total of FOUR icons. Two icons for the base and two for the photo. Unless otherwise noted.
3. You cannot use your icon or post it anywhere until winners are announced. This way, submissions remain anonymous.
4. Do not vote for your own icon.
5. Your entries must meet livejournal icon standards. 100x100 pixels maximum and no bigger than 40kb.
6. You cannot use anything BUT the bases provided. No previous icons and no blending of the two bases.
7. Ask the creator's permission to use their icon.


1. You must to be a member to submit entries.
2. Every Wednesday, I will post the bases, you will submit your entries as a comment in that same post. The comments will be screened so that you and I will be the only people who can see your icons.
3. You will need a host that allows remote linking, so make sure your icon is on a reliable server, I recommend www.photobucket.com.
4. Submit your icons like this, with the image source and url.




1. Bases will be posted on Wednesdays by 9pm.
2. They will be due on Sundays at 9pm.
3. Voting will be ready shortly after.
4. Winners will be announced on Wednesdays by 9pm, along with the new bases.
Good luck, everyone!

By 9pm, I mean earlier than or at exactly 9. At the very lasted 9:01. Unless I'm busy, in which case I will try to post beforehand saying so and I'll work something out.


1. You do not have to be a member of the community to vote.
2. Anonymous votes will not be counted.
3. Vote for your favourite icon(s). You may be asked to vote for a base for next week, please do so.

If you have any questions, you can contact me, edhelmsdeep or just leave a comment.

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